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Architecture has always fascinated me. With my high interest in the field of architecture and design I can utilize science and technology to develop the presentation of buildings both socially and environmentally. I have been fortunate to work on many of my research interests in the integrated design process, design-assisting tools, high performance building, sustainable architecture, energy efficient design, design quality indicators, material sustainability, energy policy, smart cities, technology related to architecture, 3D modeling, design building, producing organic brick, building information modeling (BIM), natural buildings, relationship between the landscape architecture and the structure. I do believe that if you are truly passionate about the work you are doing you can achieve your goal.



Interior and Exterior Design | Prepared to design all types of buildings, including residential buildings, offices, commercial, industrial, sports, health - education, cultural, religious buildings and so on. , Landscape Design, Urban Design, Monuments and Gateways


We can design full of items for the home such as furniture, accessories, and gifts.

Teaching Architectural Software

3Ds Max 2017+V-Ray 3.4 as a plugin, AutoCad 2017(2d & 3d)


Real life involves creativity and intuition is expressed by means of logic, it is something that transcends other languages are able to express it. (Tadao Ando)

We do research on architecture and urban designing under academic standards.

• A study on housing typology in rural areas of Guilan province, Iran, 2011
• A study on housing typology in rural areas of Mazandaran province, Iran, 2011
• A study on housing typology in rural areas of Golestan province, Iran, 2010
• Research on Dezful Cultural Heritage Building, 2010
• Research on Architect House and its Applications, 2010
• Research on Museum Design, 2010
• Research on 3D Modeling Technology and Architecture Software, 2009


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